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Kim Dotcom Gives Bitcoin A Wink

With the dust still settling on the Cladogenesis of Ethereum, and in a week that saw the Bitfinex Security Breach, Kim Dotcom of Megaupload notoriety came out guns blazing to restore faith in decentralised blockchains, which also included a call to ‘buy cheap now’ while predicting a 6 month price of $USD2000+

Teasing With Tweets

Kim came out this week in a series of tweets suggesting that his re-launch of Megaupload – dubbed Megaupload 2.0 – will be intimately linked with Bitcoin in January 2017. Kim started with a series of tweets announcing big news for his Megaupload project which included Bitcoin involvement:

In another tweet on the same day he introduces Megaupload’s Bitcache concept, most likely a wallet linked to each user’s account:

What is Bitcache?

In further tweets, he indicates that the ‘cache’ in Bitcache will eliminate current blockchain limitations, no doubt a reference to the Bitcoin network’s block size and transaction per minute restraints.

Kim’s reference to Bitcache is more likely to be a term that he has coined to describe a caching technology, as it has no relation to a retired Ruby project which curiously also included the use of a cryptographic hash algorithm. Kim also mentioned MegaNet, something he has been touting since as early as February last year; a decentralised network designed to use the idle bandwidth and processing power of mobile phones, a network that won’t be IP based.

Crypto Recruitment Drive

Kim has sent a launch date for his new Megupload service for the 20th of January 2017 and Max Keiser plans to make it to New Zealand for the big event:

Kim also kicked of his recruitment drive for cryptographers, database and security experts:

Lastly, Kim takes a swipe at surveillance and censorship, something he has been subject to for years and knows only too well:

We here in the blockchain world can only wish him all the best as he launches his Megaupload rocket-ship to the moon.

Editor’s Post Update

Kim Dotcom has continued tweeting updates about the new Mega service and Bitcache since this post was originally published. In a brazen video Kim ticks off a list of previous Mega size inventions that he has brought to the world in the last 20 years. Two Factor Authentication also known as 2FA – see Kim’s patent for it dated Apr 29, 1997, Internet Connectivity for Cars (unofficial link to the MegaCar.com flash presentation), and of course the taken down Megaupload project which is the first iteration of cloud storage for large files.

Kim also announced a limited share offer for the microtransaction Bitcache venture in association with the Hong Kong based BNK TO THE FUTURE online investment platform for this August. Wed all know that Kim Dotcom can pull off mega projects, and with only 3 weeks left in August, it seems we won’t have to wait that long for the details of this ‘love affair’ to emerge.


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